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At the Forefront of Development

CityWest Investments is a collaboration between a number of companies operating in the fields of Architecture, Interior Design, Construction, and Real Estate Development.

We are Family Operated, with subsidiaries having a history of more than 35 years in the market of Building Design & Construction.

Meet our Founders

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Fuad Altahat

Partner / Architect / Project Manager

Ashraf Altahat CEO Architect

Ashraf Altahat

Partner / Architect / Interior Designer

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Architecture | Interior Design

Providing innovative designs

Hiring professional planners and designers is a very important step in building, remodeling, or modifying your house. Our specialized team will provide you with various concepts for every style and budget. From design to selection of materials and techniques, to planning the stages of work and while meeting the budget, we will work with you every step of the way. 


Construction | Remodeling

Building dreams

Are you ready to finally start that ground up build you’ve been dreaming after? We  know exactly how you feel. It can be an exciting time and a nerve wracking one with what seems like a million details. Permits, designs, joists, plumbing, electrical, inspections, fixtures… it seems like it will never end! Fear not, our talented designers and artisans will make this process one as easy and cost effective as it can be. We understand the importance of picking the right company that’s experienced, dependable and affordable. Whether you need the latest smart home, cutting edge office, most talked about restaurant, or Fido’s castle, if you can dream it, we can turn that dream into reality.

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Real Estate Investments

Putting your money to work

Want to invest in Real Estate? CW guides you every step through the way, from the idea, to finding a location, preparing feasibility studies, designing, constructing, and managing your entire project from the concept to the realization.

“An idea is salvation by imagination.”

Frank Lloyd Wright



Our Achievments

Losbates School

2018 | Losbates, Czech Republic


The design of the school addresses the achievement of the volunteer union of Losbates, the cooperation of the municipalities of Louňovice, Štíhlice, Babice, Tehovec, Svojetice inspired and led to the idea of connecting all the municipalities and turn this union into an architectural space that represents this union. Conceptually, it’s all about connectivity and linking elements together.

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Queen Alia International Airport - Free Zones

2014-2018 | Amman, Jordan

Design | Project Management | Construction Documentation | Real Estate Investment

QAIA Free Zones is an investment zone inside Queen Alia International Airport, designed to fulfil the needs of foreign investors in Jordan. This project includes the design of a complete free zone, including all required facilities such as investor offices, administrative offices, industrial hangers, insurance offices, customs center, an expo, and numerous banks.

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Indian Ambassador Residence

2018 | Amman, Jordan


The Indian Ambassador Residence in Amman, Jordan is an icon for the integration between the Jordanian and the Indian Architecture, where this building serves as both a residence and an events location for the Embassy. The residence requires zero energy as renewable energy systems were integrated into the building utilizing sunlight, wind, and water to provide the residence with the required ventilation and electricity needed without requiring additional electricity input.


Dammam Strip Mall

2019 | Dammam, KSA


An iconic Strip mall on the water front of Dammam designed to accommodate high end retail stores and F&B shops. This project was designed to utilize the view of the water front as an attraction point, in addition to marking the building as an iconic architectural point of attraction amongst other buildings in Dammam.

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